Together We Win!

St. Gerard School 

Every day there are extraordinary moments at St. Gerard School because parents, students, teachers and staff encourage each other to be passionate about their pursuits, to take risks, to be honorable, to work and play hard, to appreciate each other's talents and to give freely and to give greatly.

These moments are one of the bases of the foundation of a St. Gerard School education and are truly priceless. They happen in a Mass service, on an athletic field, in a musical note hit for the first time, in a casual conversation between teacher and student and while attending a once a year fundraiser for our school.

They happen in part because of the generous support and engagement from parents, alumni, and friends that make a vital difference in the success of our School every day and in the years to come.

Please know that the St. Gerard PTO Executive Board value your trust and promise to make prudent use of the precious resources you will  provide by supporting this auction.  We are blessed to have wonderful students, teachers, parents, and staff at St. Gerard and look forward to continuing our good work in the year to come. 

Misty and Sarah thank you for your support and encourage you to become more familiar with how you can become involved with this extraordinary community. We are very proud of our school and those that support it. Thank You for your incredible support and ALL that you do for St. Gerard School. The best days are ahead for our community, and we welcome you to participate in the many ways that make St. Gerard such a wonderful place to be!   

Have you considered being an auction co-chair for next year and have questions? Please contact either Misty or Sarah or Shelly Piecuch for more information!


Thank You for the opportunity to serve you!

 Sarah Cook and Misty Opperman

Together We Win - 2015 Auction Chairs